Sunday, April 20, 2014

found my book

Forgetful times. I spent days trying to find the 2" nose piece and EOS t-ring... I saw quite sure I had brought it back from the CAO, where I had last used it. Crikey. I hoped I had not left it there! I was certain I had brought it back. Certain that I had unpacked it. And kept feeling, somehow, that it was in the bedroom, on or near the shelves. But I couldn't see it. So I kept looking in the bags and cases and luggage from the last trip.

It didn't make sense but I started looking in other places. Maybe I had moved it. Maybe it had fallen into a different area or container. Unable to describe it, I just felt it was near the white dressers and shelves. I checked all the drawers again. Emptying each.

Then, in an attempt to be thorough, I started looking in all the astronomy cases. Astronomy case α is my main case, containing the most common things needed for a session at the telescope, like Haas's double stars book, my red flashlights, red goggles, compass, etc. It had travelled with me to the CAO. Nope. No nose piece. Case ε: the nominal home for the adapter and t-ring. Those remained the only empty slots. Case γ contained cleaning supplies, Velcro strips, funny pencils. It had stayed home. But it was atop the dresser. Maybe... somehow... No, not there. Looked, again, in the camera bag. Damn it. I also had not taken case β north. Didn't recall recently opening the case for second tier astronomy items. Still a popped the lid...

And found my copy of Photoshop Astronomy Second Edition!


Guess I can return Phil's copy now. Checked inside the back cover. Of course, there was the DVD!

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