Wednesday, April 02, 2014

gathered data

I believe I saw a fuzzy last night not on any charts.

Was trying to spot IC 2149, a recommended object from SkyTools. After slewing the C14 to the area, I visually scanned. Initially I did not see anything obvious. Without knowing what IC 2149 was, or any of its particulars, I wasn't sure what to look for.

North is up. Then, as I was panning about, I thought I caught something. A diffuse faint object. Not round. At one point I wondered if it was glare or flare from the bright star HD 39863. I thought, after trying various eyepieces, that it was not a telescope or eyepiece issue. But there was nothing on the charts at this location.

I made a note to check the area north of the magnitude 11.0 star GSC 03361-1239.

In the Aladin previewer, there was nothing obvious. North is up. I started putting the word out.

Nicole captured some data with the T20 Tak at iTelescope.

North is right. The bright star is HD 39863. The fuzzy canted galaxy above (east of) the bright star is LEDA 2271984. There's nothing at the location I gave her. But there's something at 5 57 42 +45 59 22. Possibly an object moving eastward across the sky. And it is diffuse and round.

Need more data!

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