Saturday, April 05, 2014


Just going around in circles...

Katrina reminds us regularly that she cannot attend Wednesday night RASC meetings. And intimates regularly we could get higher attendance if we moved meetings to Friday night. And suggests that the Toronto Centre meetings be recorded, streamed, broadcast, and otherwise made available to more members and the general public.

She raised the matter again a couple of days ago without referencing issues we have highlighted before, like the technology requirements, if the Ontario Science Centre would support this, the staffing requirements for live broadcasting, speaker permission issues, etc. We had a hard time finding one videographer!

Ralph remarked, again, that there are a number of issues and intimated that Council is aware. And made it clear these is no policy yet.

Mr Mortfield jumped into the fray and fanned the flames.

Allard said he didn't see what the problem was. The speakers are speaking at a public meeting. He's talking about using a public video web site (e.g. Vimeo) and not bothering with access controls. He's really speaking out of turn. He mentions an agreement would need to be prepared but it should not be difficult.

There's no regard any more for copyright, ownership, information embargoes, etc. No one seems to appreciate this from the speaker's perspective. We should be starting there.

Why doesn't someone ask Ottawa that's involved?!

And, once again, this really needs a champion. Someone to do that work. Tackle the issues. Someone to grab the bull by the horns, do the proper research, rally some troops, sort out the logistics, get the costs, talk with legal departments, identify the resources required, and then present what's possible. No one is stepping forward. I don't see that happening any time soon...

So we just keep going around and around.

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