Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dunlap walkabout

I finally arrived at the David Dunlap Observatory. Was happy to see Karen there. Dropped off some gear and started my walkabout just after 4:00 PM. Headed to the east side of the building. I had read somewhere that it was interesting and rarely viewed. Indeed. It is handsome. Symmetrical. Spartan.

I noticed each of the carvings at the top edge is different. Next stop was the radio hut and antenna. Very neat. It would be a good stop for the walking tour.

A little overgrown. I did not venture in. I turned to the north hoping to find the pump house. Perhaps the wuk-wuk-wuk bird call distracted me. Caught the Pileated Woodpecker working an old tree.

I was able to draw close to the male. Combined with the Series 1 lens zoomed to 200 (effective 380) mm. I liked how he'd lean backwards before striking. After traipsing through the northern woods and not finding the old building and well, I emerged north of the 61 foot dome. Another interesting vantage. Stuart arrived as I swung 'round to the west. I walked to the bend in the residence road wondering if I'd be able to find the old Observatory Lane. Pretty obvious. And all of a sudden, I noticed I was being watched.

Initially, I saw only two White-Tails. Again, with the Vivitar, I was able to zoom in. After a time they grew bored, or anxious, and headed into the thicket.

Nice treat. I knew there were interesting flora and fauna in the Dunlap parcel, and I had started researching what might be seen, but I had not expected to spot any on my outing. I too turned north and meandered back to the Admin building. More cars were in the lot. Noticed some printing on the south-west corner.

Jessie and David's son. It was 5:30 PM. Good timing. Learned a lot today. And got some good ideas.

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