Wednesday, April 16, 2014

responded to Michel

Michel had asked Dave and I for feedback on the Σ1327 star, back in February. I finally got 'round to replying!

Michel shared that this target was from "an issue of Star and Telescope [sic] as a yellow and blue double with magnitudes of 8 and 9 and a separation of 7." He intimated that it was copied as-is to the RASC list. Later they moved the entry to the supplemental list because it was suspected that its colours may be difficult to observe with small instruments at low magnifications. Then he relayed details from Sky catalog 2000. Actually a triple. Magnitudes 8.2, 9.4, and 9.3. The separations for AB: 8" in 1958 and 16.1" in 1831; AC: 26.3".

He asked me if I thought the yellow and blue colours should be applied to the wide AC pair. I agreed.

He asked Dave to change the separation value in the supplemental list. To lower the magnitude of the A star. And to list the blue star in the magnitude 9 range, if I didn't disagree.

Finally Michel asked for details of my observing equipment, which I shared.


As I was investigating this, I believe I stumbled across more SkyTools database issues...

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