Wednesday, April 16, 2014

responded to Michel

Michel had asked Dave and I for feedback on the Σ1327 star, back in February. I finally got 'round to replying!

Michel shared that this target was from "an issue of Star and Telescope [sic] as a yellow and blue double with magnitudes of 8 and 9 and a separation of 7." He intimated that it was copied as-is to the RASC list. Later they moved the entry to the supplemental list [ed: it was included in the Observer's Handbook proper in 2011] because it was suspected that its colours may be difficult to observe with small instruments at low magnifications. Then he relayed details from Sky catalog 2000. Actually a triple. Magnitudes 8.2, 9.4, and 9.3. The separations for AB: 8" in 1958 and 16.1" in 1831; AC: 26.3".

He asked me if I thought the yellow and blue colours should be applied to the wide AC pair. I agreed.

He asked Dave to change the separation value in the supplemental list. To lower the magnitude of the A star. And to list the blue star in the magnitude 9 range, if I didn't disagree.

Finally Michel asked for details of my observing equipment, which I shared.


As I was investigating this, I believe I stumbled across more SkyTools database issues...

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