Thursday, April 03, 2014

found a RA/Dec converter

I was trying to convert location formats between TheSky and SkyTools and Aladin. Everyone wanted it different ways. I needed a handy converter. At home, I had a spreadsheet I had made... But, unfortunately, something happened to the remote machine. Long story. So I looked on the web and found the "RA DEC flexible converter" by Jan Skowron. It's in his Science section.

It allows one to enter right ascension and declination coordinates, ad hoc, in a particular format. Then spits out in many other formats. Very easy to use. For example, enter 16h04m55.4s +38d12m01s and it returns:

16:04:55.40    38:12:01.00
16 04 55.40    38 12 01.00
16:04:55.40,    38:12:01.00
16.0820556    38.2002778
16h 04m 55.40s    38d 12m 01.00s
16h04m55.40s    38d12m01.00s
16h04m55.40s    38°12'01.00"

Also spotted his "Stars and Astronomical Objects Name Resolver" which looks kinda neat!

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