Saturday, August 10, 2013

suspicions confirmed

Greeted Manuel Guerrero and Soler. It was obvious they had been to the vendor area.

Pointed out my gear, two tents, 'scope, near Elaine and Tony.

G. asked when my talk was going to be. Oh, man. Clearly, he had not read the Starfest program or schedule. Told him I had already done it. He kind of grunted. Did not sound deeply disappointed. What a goof.

I was very curious then... Formed some tangential questions. Did you just arrive? Oh, you got here yesterday? Where are you camped? Oh, my mistake, your hotelling, right? Did you observe or image last night? Oh, yeah? From where? South-east of here, uh huh. How long? Late, yeah, around 4:00 AM. Oh, they wouldn't let you leave? Well, that's the rules, eh? Yeah, you're not supposed to do that...

And confirmed my suspicions. It was Guerrero and Soler who had tried to leave at 4:00 AM or so, with uncovered white lights on their rental SUV.

Soler was defensive. He said they had followed the "rules" but argued there were some interpretation issues. I wondered about that. Everyone else, just about every other person, in the park was able to comply. Why not them?

Guerrero was still upset. Said that when someone came up to their vehicle to discuss the matter, he stepped out of the truck. So to make a stand. What? You confronted the host? That was not cool. He was starting to physically threaten them. So inappropriate.

They're right and we're all wrong. Sheesh.

They just don't get it. They are guests. The NYAA is hosting the event. To ensure a positive experience for all they form rules and guidelines. To be followed, respected; not sloughed off or flat-out ignored. You don't physically threaten the organisers. You don't get into heated arguments with the organisers.

I am embarrassed for the Toronto Centre.

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