Saturday, August 24, 2013

set the date and time

Manuel contacted me. The plan was to meet up at 8:45. Carsten was going to be there with his big SCT and MallinCam. Manuel wanted me to meet Carsten. Said he was interested in the CAO. They were both interested in imaging. Something about M31. I wondered if it was a little inappropriate, given the Moon light, elevation, timing, size, etc. Would have Glenfiddich at the ready. Good. Some grease.

The new Metaguide software he was hot about apparently crashed a lot. That's too bad. He removed it. Next! Didn't MaxIm do this? Manuel was not comfortable with it. Understandable—it's a big product. He said he had figured out Atlas mount. The "tek" was very loose. Couldn't use azimuth knobs. [ed: I mis-heard him. He meant the peg, the steel peg on the tripod that the azimuth knobs pushed against.] Sounded like something was still wobbly and that I should take a look.

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