Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the carrot

Clay responded. Interesting.
That knob was made for about two years and frankly was one of the best aftermarket products ever offered for the LX200;  the smoothest focuser ever to be put on the scope.  The large knob was ideal for precise focus and the unit exhibited absolutely no backlash whatsoever.  Very well made and under $100 back in 2005.

If you can get your hands on one, run to do it...  they are worth every penny.  Note that this was a complete unit, not just a substitute knob.  It contained its own internal bearings, threaded rod and connecting tab that was far superior to the Meade original.

As you realize, they are not available and probably less than 250 of them were produced.
Would have been helpful, even if they're long gone, to get a name. Some more info. Where? When? An individual? Alive, still? A company? Perhaps they are still around...

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