Wednesday, August 21, 2013

opened the LX200

Affected repairs on the LX200 10-inch.

Opened the OTA.
  • verified no (additional) damage behind mirror (e.g. focusing lock threads)
  • damaged focus yoke pin removed
  • new focus yoke pin fabricated and installed
  • locking gear straightened
  • locking gear reinstalled
  • locking gear positioned for mirror install
  • inspected OTA for FOD
  • inside of OTA cleaned
  • mirror assembly reinstalled
  • slider C-clip reinstalled
  • corrector reinstalled
  • corrector secured
  • corrector cleaned
  • end cap on mirror lock straightened
  • end cap on mirror lock reinstalled
  • mirror lock assembly reinstalled
  • mirror lock tested: OK
  • installed new nylon bolts in finder scope bracket
So. All I need is a focuser assembly. And the 'scope is back in business.


grizzbutt said...

I just bought a meade 8" LX200 on ebay. first thing, the locking knob is not working. you've taken these apart. why is the gear not engaging with the mirror to lock the position? and how do I take the housing off to examine? I've only been able to play with it through the hole after removing the locking knob. but I see that the gear that corresponds with the shaft on the knob is not catching on the mirror slide shaft in any way. when I position the knob to lock, the focuser knob still spins freely and adjusts the mirror.

bla said...

It could be for a few reasons. Focuser itself not contacting the gear wheel or perhaps the gear wheel in the dead spot.

To examine, you must come in from the front. I.e. remove the corrector plate, remove the retaining ring on the shaft, and remove the primary mirror.