Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday solar imaging (Blue Mountains)

Steve set up the Tele Vue refractor and Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain for solar observing. The Sun was spectacular.

I also set up the Oberwerk binoculars with the custom filter I had made for the eclipse and ToV. Offered a wonderful view.

Huge prominences circled the Sun in hydrogen-alpha. Everywhere you looked! Large ones; flat ones. Filaments in the foreground. Small and large sunspots were everywhere on the surface in full spectrum, white light. Huge one in the centre was 1560; big one near the bottom-right was 1553. Many plages visible. Busy Sun today!

Phil loaned me his clear 2" nose piece with special EOS ring. I bolted up the Canon 40D and started snapping away. Steve gave lots of tips. Manually focused. Both of the unprocessed shots below were at  ISO 100 with daylight white balance.

Hα image, Tele Vue 101mm, Coronado Solar Max filters, 1/20 second.

White light image, Celestron 14", throttled lens cap with baader planetarium film, 1/25 second.

Once again I found focusing a challenge... Amazed that I got close in this images...


Edited the images on 4 Sep '12.

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