Sunday, September 09, 2012

looking away

I'm getting tired. Tired of having to doing this. Tired of being put in this position. I keep having this feeling that I'm being viewed as The Bad Guy. The disturber. The sober one. The grumpy one. I should not be the one to point out that key people are missing from the invitation list. I should not be the one trying to wrangle the signboards for every meeting. Wondering why there's not a brochure. I'm not the one who should be pointing out gross spelling mistakes in public documents. Mistakes in the newsletter. Why are there not handouts at meetings? I shouldn't have to keep following-up with items that are timely and need to be dealt with now even though they are uncomfortable. Are exit letters being sent out? I don't think I should feel that I have to step up 'cause no one else will. I have to look away. Not help. Not correct. Not comment. And it's against, somehow, my nature.

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Sharmin said...

Thanks for all you do for RASC- Toronto.  You always play an important role in making things better.  You are appreciated by everyone.  Everyone do not always think the same way.  Individuals have different priorities.  For example, "I" do not care much about handouts.  So, I do not even notice if any is given out at any meetings, any where I go. (This is JUST an example about personal preferences.  Not a debate about whether there should be handouts or not).  Important is the preference of the person who is actually putting in the work and volunteering her/his time to do something.  Everyone do not have to do everything, exactly the same way. IF I ever do any presentation about anything, be assured there won't be any paper handouts, unless absolutely necessary.  About having membership brochures and club related handouts for new attendees, yes that is important.  Talking to them one on one and getting them interested is what counts.  If they are interested, they can always reach us through the net, so all is not lost if we do not have hand outs.  We give out 100s of papers during our out reaches, I am sure 90% of those end up in the trash.  On the other hand I have seen people who came to the meetings who have spoken to us directly at and outreach. They found us by web search.  I meet people at our meetings and at the DDO, who come up to me saying they have spoken to me at the SOS/DDO etc, I didn't even remember them. Again, handouts are good way of communication and we should have some available if anyone wants any.  Not everyone is computer savvy or has access to net.   As I wrote, this is just an example about personal preferences. Yes, we can do better, I agree, but I, personally am not frustrated about these, just am grateful that people are volunteering their time and effort to get things done.  Again, thanks for all your help!!!