Saturday, September 29, 2012

learned a lot

Attended the RASC Toronto Centre Imaging Workshop at the David Dunlap Observatory. It was run by Dietmar and Steve. I really enjoyed the event. I learned a lot (when I kept my mouth shut and listened).

Hitched a ride with Dietmar to the seminar. Took the TTC to his 'hood and we jumped on the highway. Right away, traffic was slow! Crikey. The Gardiner crawled to downtown. Fortunately, the trip up the DVP and 404 was fine. Made him nervous.

There was a big turnout. Lots of enthusiastic participants. And a few surprises too. And, sadly, some no-shows. The lecture room was packed. We had enough power cords and power bars.

With their blessings, I recorded the audio of the speakers. It allowed me to reduce note-taking tasks and play in the software. They offered their presentation files. The hands-on portion of the workshop was great. Certainly, it helped me, actually trying things immediately in the software.

The piece on DeepSkyStacker was very good. To see the typical steps. What Steve did. And what one shouldn't do in the software!

The demonstration of Photoshop was good too. Seeing the workflow in action. I know the basics (and a couple of advanced features) of image software but often felt overwhelmed with astroimages, not knowing where to start. The advice was very helpful.

I was thankful for the support from the DDO crew as well. Karen, Paul, Diane, Rajesh, and Michelle all helped out.

Lora's treats were much appreciated too!

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