Monday, September 10, 2012

no splits in the 89 (Toronto)

Did some quick observing on the porch. Did not set up the light barriers... Used a small, fast, 'scope. The A/V table. And a chair from the kitchen.

With the 3½" Questar (with the equatorial legs), I tried for 90 Her and 41 Oph. Star hopped without success.

I dropped the netbook on the deck. Fortunately, no damage. Continued to use it for hopping.

12:14 AM. Viewed the double star 15 Aql. Yellow and blue. Widely separated at 40x.

Went for 23 Aql. It was a long hop. But I made it. I had to wait for it to clear the trees... And then I couldn't split it with certainty. The diffraction rings were visible.

12:56. I packed up.

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