Friday, September 28, 2012

checked others

I checked RASC pages on Facebook... I thought it rather interesting.
  • Victoria, open group, 70 members, mention benefits of membership, but no link to their web site!
  • Calgary, place, 177 likes, good descriptive info, map
  • Edmonton, open group, 60, no link to web site!
  • Saskatoon, page, 18 likes
  • Windsor, person page, 8, no activity for 2 years
  • Hamilton, page, 67 likes, mission, description, list of activities, etc.
  • Mississauga, page, 341, benefits of membership
  • Kingston, page, 31 likes
  • Ottawa, page, 4 likes, joined 18 months ago, no activity
  • Montreal, business, 112, quick simple about
  • New Brunswick, community, 95, good quick about, great info
RASC Okanagan didn't seem to have their own page. But I found an active page for the Okanagan Observatory, with 505 likes.

Part of the reason I looked was to see if there were any stated usage policies. None visible.

The following centres did not seem to have a FB presence: Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Prince George, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sarnia, London, Kitchener Waterloo, Niagara, Belleville, the French Montreal centre, Quebec, Charlottetown, Halifax, or St. John's.

I reviewed the national group has 579 followers. Denis, previously, had told me it was "not official." They had no events listed but some photos.

I like what I had seen some did with the About page, Info area, and Notes. Ideas we might employee. Like briefly describe all the cool stuff we do. And pitch the benefits of membership. And that it's inexpensive!

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