Saturday, September 15, 2012

limited observing (Mew Lake)

7:57 PM. On the beach. Motor and dew heaters on the one battery. Winter coat on tonight. Spare fuse from the car, just in case. Had all the hand warmers with me this time. Ready to fire up, if needed. Damp... Let the games begin.

The glow-in-the-dark stars are a big hit. Put a bunch under the tripod. Some near the metal wagon. Some under each corner of the picnic table.

View Albireo, Messier 57 (M57) aka the Ring Nebula, Messier 22 (M22), and Messier 11 (M11), aka the Wild Duck.

9:52. Viewed Almach, again.

11:00. Returned to the Ring. Stayed on it for a while. Used the 20mm.

11:14. View λ (lambda) Arietis. A nice double. Actually a quad (according to the computer). The C and D stars were very faint. C was not shown in SkyTools 3 (at the time, in the Context Viewer, with Moon switch on...)

11:23. Felt the small dew heater. Seemed cool. Was it working? The eyepiece was fogging. Seems to be dead...

Made a note to test it when home.

11:37. Checked the conditions on the portable weather station: 98% humidity; 3.0°C air temperature. Everything was soaked.

Done. So much for that. Short star party...

Sure didn't feel like it but I knew it'd be worse if I left it to the morning. Did a full tear down... Katrina and Fred did as well.


Chatted with Ostap. Complained, lightly, about the lights from his camp, the night before. He was very defensive... Caught him off guard, I guess.

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