Sunday, September 02, 2012

ready for testing

Finished the reassembly of the NexStar 11, thanks to help from Tim and Steve and Phil. Completed except for some fascia pieces.

Steve offered up his marine battery which I fetched the JMI case (with power cable and hand controller) from basement. Hooked everything up. Turned it on. The HC lit up! It wanted to aligned. WHEW! I had not screwed up the mount! Ran it through the GPS step. It acquired the date, time, and location. WHEW! I had not broken the GPS parts. Went through the alignment process. The 'scope moved left, right, up, and down. WHEW! I had not goofed up on the motors. They did not sound strained... I was very relieved.

Lora sent a shot entitled "Lego for big boys." Indeed. And all that Meccano experience...

Ready for her test drive... Cooling off in the shade of the Geoff Brown Observatory.

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