Friday, August 03, 2012

transferred dome

Tony and I moved the Bob Anderson Dome (BAO) from the CAO to its new owner near Tottenham. We travelled up in the big air-brake truck and arrived the Carr a little later than planned. Millie and Dietmar helped load and in short order we were done! Dietmar helped Tony with the new tarp, replacing the wire with nylon rope. I have my doubts. While they create drainage channels, I installed a new security inside the bathroom! Then we took a break; Tony caught some Zs. Then we were on our way to the drop-off.

Stupid GPS... lead on on this winding, tedious route. And kept disconnecting from the power.

Unloading the pieces, during a pretty sunset, was quick with a few extra hands.

Arrived in the city too late to go to the DDO...

It was great to reclaim our garage.


Picked up the red film for the netbook screen I had left in the living room...

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