Friday, August 17, 2012

MallinCam tutoring

Tony asked if I'd remind him how to use the MallinCam. Seemed it was on his mind—he had not used it during his talk for the Thornbury library. I asked Phil if he was interested—he was. Steve, setting up his new CCD imaging rig in the observatory, eavesdropped.

As we unpacked the case, I reviewed all the equipment, peripherals, and cabling. Initially, so to keep it simple, we were going to use the LCD monitor on the floor. But when we realised Steve was shooting, we switched to plan B, and hooked up the video feed to the computer. A few more steps but good, I think, for them to see.

I emphasised the startup and shutdown procedures with respect to cooling. I showed them how the MallinCam Control Software made operation so easy.

Gave me a opportunity to review my notes...

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