Sunday, August 19, 2012

some quiet time

Stayed on at the CAO for a couple of hours after everyone had left. Gave me some quiet time to focus on a few activities and chores. I put up an additional string of red LED lights, this time under the centre post under the new tarp. Tended to drill batteries in the basement. Took down a broken wand from one of the blinds. I kept watching the skies but finally decided to roll the dice: I cut the lawn around the house, Observing Pad, the GBO, the (former) BAO deck, the garage, and the parking lot. I started down the driveway but the skies opened up.

That said, I forgot many things. To move the wheelbarrow to the garage. To make a post to support the new canopy. And, once again, the iPod. Doh!

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