Wednesday, August 15, 2012

didn't collimate

Had to bail. I was going to go to Manuel's to help with collimating one of his SCTs but I had car trouble. And I still can't find my bicycle lights...

I phoned him and suggested I could walk him through it. He squawked a bit. "No, let's try it. You need to know how to do it." He agreed.

And admitted he had checked it already as the OTA lay on the table outside cooling. Oh! I asked him to elaborate. And after a few moments, I realised he was using the method where you stand in front of the corrector. OK. That's one check. And to change it, you need a "card" with a pinhole held in a consistent location.

I urged him to put the telescope on the mount, aim at a star, and do a proper star test. That was the most recognised way of collimating.

He said he'd do that. Never phoned back... I felt bad.

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