Wednesday, August 15, 2012

no meteors (Toronto)

Tried to catch some meteors tonight. No luck. But I learned some camera settings. Complete manual control of aperture, shutter, ISO, manual focus, live view, back LCD brightness, timer, playback, playback zooming, top LCD illumination, AC power, etc. Decent focus. I was a little surprised.

Canon 40D, 18-55mm zoom (at 18), 30 seconds, f/4, ISO 160, sky filter, Manfrotto tripod.

Didn't change the white balance...

It was hazy. Humid. I saw dew in the air and on the cars on the street. A little foggy. I noted the conditions at Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport at 2:00 AM. Clear, 101.3 kPa and falling. Visibility was 16 km. The temperature was 17.0°C and the dewpoint was 16.0°C. Ah ha. The humidity was 94 %. Wind was light at 5 km/h from the west.

Cassiopeia at the top right; Cepheus centre-top down to the middle. Magnitude 5.5 stars are just visible. Shot to JPG, large format. Didn't touch the white balance. Couple of hot (red) pixels. Did not capture dark frames.

OK. For a start.


Spotted Jupiter in the east.

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