Friday, August 17, 2012

on duty

It was a slog from the city.

Nicole sent an email at 3:55 PM saying the 400 sucked. And that Highway 10 sucked. I had already decided on the Scarlett Rd-Dixon Rd-Airport Rd route as my escape route. When I told Tony I was considering turning onto Derry for the 410, he dissuaded me. Then Nicole's report sealed the deal; I'd stay on Airport to Stayner...

At 5:06, I removed car from garage and completed the final packing and loading. Counted whiskers and tails and was on my way.

I was pleased with the progress into the airport area. And glad I followed Tony's advice for there was a very long queue of people turning left for Derry. But then it turned bad. Bad in Brampton. Four lanes barely moving. Lots of 18 wheelers. I kept watched the water temperature rise. It didn't really clear out until Mayfield.

Then, finally, it was a good flow.

The skies seemed to clear and the wind seemed to die down the further I went. I arrived the Carr Astronomical Observatory around 8:00 PM. One hour late.

Lora, Skeena, Cassie, and Jean greeted me in the parking lot. Martin, Nicole, Rob, and David were already setting up on the Observing Pad. I saw Manuela and little David playing in the yard. Spotted Steve and Phil in Geoff Brown Observatory. Grace and Tony were in house. Grace had dinner ready and waiting for me. Buttered chicken and rice. So good. And rhubarb pie. Joy.

I took the reins for the weekend...

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