Saturday, August 04, 2012

delivered new USB cable

Went over to Manuel's. We talked DSLRs, telescopes, RASC, etc. Delivered the Nexxtech USB-serial adapter I had bought him. He was happy. I wanted to test it to make sure it worked fine. Mr Soler came by. It was good to see him again. I tested cables while we continued to chat. After Manuel found the control control cables, I verified Stellarium worked with both telescopes (or rather, the mounts). I tried NexRemote as well but couldn't seem to get the virtual port working, that is, I could not get Stellarium and NexRemote to work together. That was a little frustrating. We argued briefly as to when the NASA Curiosity rover was going to touch down. I assured Manuel is was early Monday morning EDT. As I was getting ready to leave Manuel said he wanted help with one more thing: mosaic stitching. Said he had reread his notes and they didn't make any sense. So we ran through it again.

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