Saturday, December 11, 2010

updated site calendar...

... for January.

Guy sent out a tentative RASC Toronto Centre calendar of events for 2011 and asked for feedback (back on 15 Nov). Apparently, no one commented. He sent out a subsequent note about one change. Ralph sent a message today about the strategy conference moved to February.

I used Guy's file (with 137 events) and the updates as the current information to prepare my update of the Centre's web site.

I reorganised it by type of event. This was to make sure dates weren't missing. To remove items that aren't of interest to regular members. But most importantly, to do pattern recognition. The entry into the online calendar system is so slow, so labour intensive, so tedious, that I want to find faster ways. And it seems that I don't know enough about UNIX to be able to edit the data file directly without screwing up permissions. Spotting recurrence patterns can reduce the number of entries I need to make. Still, this requires over 100 entries on my part.

Through this process, I noticed there were no items for members-only observing nights or "star parties" at the DDO. Guy said he hadn't heard. Paul chimed in and said they were still working on them.

Caught a couple of mistakes. Guy, being on the road, asked me to update the file.

Added the "big" meteor showers for 2011. Added the new Moon dates.

Asked about the RCI lecture. No response.

Even before pushing this back to Council, I started to get a feeling that things might still flex and change. So I only updated the January 2011 events. I'll do the rest later.

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