Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Something strange has happened with this very-late-night lunar eclipse: it has kept people at home.

If this was at sunset or mid-evening, the local RASC members all would have congregated at a star party somewhere, perhaps the Ontario Science Centre, or the David Dunlap Observatory. With no big social event planned, everyone worked from home.

I'm astonished at the way in which people used the RASC Toronto Yahoo!Groups. Posts came fast and furious with Ralph's "it's clear" war-cry. About 40 messages followed with over 16 members reporting in from their back yards, the lakeshore, the DDO grounds. Many people were shooting photos and posting them ASAP. Some in their PJs taking a quick look. Some had binos. One in their new dome.

Cloud reports from members Ottawa and Vancouver...

It was impressive, despite the time of night, and our geographic separation, how unite we were.

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