Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the porch

I believe I enjoyed the new porch for astronomical viewing.

Sure, at my old place, I could go into the small back yard to observe. But the yard was further away, more steps away, with a set of stairs in between. Less than 10 paces from my bed? Hard to beat.

The back yard on Evelyn Crescent could be darker than the balcony, but that was only when all the neighbours cooperated, and that was usually only after me hounding and begging and pestering, and even then, there would still be an inopportune light on somewhere, and I'd have to put up shields and barriers and wear my red laser goggles. I still need to do some of those things. But at least I won't have to bug other humans.

The porch is private. And that will be very new. That said, when I want to do outreach, I can still perch on the sidewalk. But beginning able to work quietly and undisturbed when I want to will be a blessing. And being able to take a break and not worry of security, that will be huge.

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