Thursday, December 09, 2010

delivered TSTM

I did my The Sky This Month at the RASC Toronto Centre meeting (last night).

Made 75 copies of my double-sided handout, including calendar. Had 4 left. Guy said there were about 80 to 85 people.

Received very positive feedback. More than one said "excellent." Glad people liked it. Felt I was not well prepared for this one... With the move and all. Living out of boxes. And the car. Not getting high speed until this morning. During the presentation, I did not demo things in Stellarium. Partly for time reasons. Partly because the netbook was sluggish. With VPC running.

All the while (wouldn't you know it) it was clear outside. I enjoyed the Moon, Earthshine, Jupiter, Vega, and Aldebaran on the way in. Sadly, we missed viewing planets and moons and double stars and an occultation!

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