Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reaves replied

I emailed Mr Reaves about my difficulties using the ocular plug-in within Stellarium. He replied:
If you've erased the mappings, then no, it won't work.

I have not had a chance to update the documentation; I hope to get to that this week.

You can either enter mappings, or move the Oculars ini file out of the way, and a new one will be created.
Not very helpful. I don't know how to enter the mappings.

I don't think I'm gonna use this feature, going forward. There are all kinds of things I don't like about it. The "old way" I used, with the dummy telescope server, while it was fiddly, was optically far superior, showing simply a coloured circle simulating the eyepiece size. How everyone else does it. That the Telrad feature is implemented in a similar way really makes it wonder if it can't be done a lot simpler.

Must be careful. It would be easy to dive in, write my own plug-in... No. Nope. No way.


Bogdan Marinov said...

You can still display FOV circles with any size with the Telescope Control plug-in:

1) Open the plug-in's configuration window and "Add" a new telescope - a new window will appear.

2) Select "Telescope controlled by: Nothing, just simulate one (a moving reticle)"

3) Give it a name and check the "Start/connect at startup" box.

4) In the "User interface settings" field, check the "Use field of view indicators". In the "Circle size(s)" field, enter a list of the sizes (separated with commas). (As you probably know, for Telrad these are 0.5, 2, 4.)

5) Click the OK button. Now you have a "dummy" telescope with FOV circles.

6) If the telescope's "crosshairs" interfere with the circles, you can switch them off from the "Options" tab in the plug-in's configuration window - just un-check "Show telescope reticles".

bla said...

Works great! Thank you!