Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mom saw 20!

Wow. I'm so impressed. My Mom checked her email before going to bed, received my suggestion to go outside briefly for the Geminid meteor peak, actually went outside for a brief time, enjoyed clear skies and some familiar sights, and spotted a bunch of meteors!
Bundled up on the 13th about midnight and went out before bed to look at the Geminid meteors.

It was a perfect crisp clear night with the sky ablaze with stars and constellations.  The Orion nebula never looked so clear (now that I know what I was looking at).

Was amazed at how large the meteors were.  Saw about 20 before freezing took over.  The meteors seemed to be coming out of the north but couldn't see them when I looked at the northern sky.  They must have entered the atmosphere there but were visible in the east, west and southern sky.  Again - so big and very bright... only lasting a split second.  Sort of like that vision field test they give you at the eye doctor.

So thanks for the headsup - I hadn't heard anything in the news or on the weather channel about the show.   Will document the sighting in my little astronomy notebook.
Amazing. I'm very happy for her.

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