Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paul moving the 74

Interesting wide photo on Facebook of Paul moving the 74 inch telescope at the DDO.

I'm intrigued by Katrina's remark about training and replacements though! Is Paul leaving? Who's gonna run the DDO? Who will be the "face" of the observatory? And Karen? Who will do PR?


SharminC said...

You sound tensed! I'm sure Paul and Karen will sattle everything and take care of things while passing the torch. DDO will be alright, please don't worry.

I agree, the photo is fantastic!

bla said...

So, it's true!

SharminC said...

Well, it's no secret. (You got to catchup on your facebook account). Yes, very very unfortunately and extremely painfully, it is true. I am very very very sad.