Sunday, August 23, 2009

more work at CAO

I did a bunch of things at the CAO. Not much else to do with the poor weather...

  • returned beer and booze bottles for refund; put refunded cash in alcohol fund jar
  • replaced the Red Bull's that I had drank
  • received and distributed the new colour versions of the network diagram (from Phil)
  • labelled the spine of the IT documentation, user guide binder
  • recycled the duplicate copy of the generator installation manual
  • had Dietmar review my TheSky6 Quick Reference draft
  • rerouted the USB cable behind the weather server (again) and moved the USB cable to a different port on the weather server, in an effort, once again, to improve the communication between the base and the server...
  • added a e-memorandum to the dining room computer (Hercules) telling people to not install software, or else...
  • reinstated Internet Explorer icons on the desktop and Quick Launch for Hercules, so to benefit less-comfortable users
  • shored the sunken portion of the accessibility ramp (with Dietmar's help and my 3-ton jack)
  • repaired the east window damaged by storm (with Phil and Dietmar)
  • took (and downloaded) photos of the antennae on the roof and their respective junctions in the work room (with Dietmar's very nice Canon 40D and USB cable)
  • measured the GBO door, for possible screen door installation
  • searched for stove hood light in the circuit breakers (and found it); checked (again) the circuits in the kitchen (with Dietmar's help); updated documentation
  • double-checked the circuits enabled by the generator (which Dietmar was most interested in); verified living room is supported
  • made shelf for the router equipment in the workroom, suspended from ceiling, installed
  • tidied up the network and power cables
  • inspected and tagged the newest fire bottle
  • began an information guide sheet with warnings for the Coronado SolarMax filters
  • tidied up the storage area under the stairs
  • reworked my Field of View Indicators in TheSky6 removing references to NP from the Tele Vue 'scope and, in general, shortening all the labels
  • looked for the Litovitz telescope accessories
My to-do list is getting short, finally.

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