Monday, August 17, 2009

memory loss

Dropped in on Charles at his work briefly. We caught up. We talked about the DDO, the Perseids, and the weather.

He relayed the tale of his aborted observing at the cottage: he had forgotten to pack a critical piece between the tripod and telescope. Zoot. Back in the truck. I told him that I had forgotten my entire tripod for my C8! So much for me helping with a tracking telescope out on the pad during Tony's library talk and tour. Alas, Tony said there were enough 'scopes.

When it occurred to me, on the spot, standing in front of Charles, looking up at the milky white sky, feeling like we were in the tropics, blistering sun beginning its descent, it occurred to me at this moment, 120 hours too late, that the tripod under the refractor in the living room is the exact same type as mine! DOH! I could have completed my setup. Too late now. Hopefully I won't make that mistake again...

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