Monday, August 03, 2009

more work at CAO

I did a bunch more things up at the CAO this long weekend:
  • rebooted the print server
  • altered when the dining room computer updates virus signatures and scans, hopefully avoiding day-time use
  • defragmented both hard disks in dining room computer
  • tested and printed updated notes on "no internet" condition
  • destroyed old and obsolete hardware and software notes
  • moved found WeatherLink manual to storage closet
  • noted the nominal LED configurations on all our network equipment
  • created a Windows account for Phil on GBO laptop
  • verified all AC electrical circuits (95 in all) in the house, GBO, garage, and THO, with Jerry and David's assistance
  • tested the old FM wireless intercom between the kitchen, furnace room, and garage - they all work!
  • checked for LEDs or other indicators on the WISP 5.8 and 900 antennas
  • marked and documented the WISP 5.8 feed antenna elevation
  • cleaned the outside of the all-sky camera cover; reported the condition of the inside of the all-sky camera
Lora commented on my busy body nature... I'd rather loaf.

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