Tuesday, June 14, 2022

what's different?

I had another look inside my app. From the hamburger main menu, I chose Stellarium PLUS.

A four panel display appears.

Screen 1 says: Massive objects catalogs: 1.6 billion stars, 2 million Deep Sky Objects.

The next: High resolution planets and deep sky images.

Then: Telescope Control: drive any telescope compatible with NexStar, SynScan, or LX200 through Bluetooth or WIFI.

Finally: Advanced settings & observation planning features.

On the web site, 4 differences are noted:

3D View

Observe Calendar

Instrument Ocular

Telescope Control

So, there's partial overlap. 

I believe a list should note the following:

Basic does not have:

a massive catalog of stars

a masstive catalog of DSOs

high rez images of planets

high rez images of DSOs

telescope control

3D View

Observe Calendar

Instrument Ocular

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