Sunday, June 26, 2022

delivered citizen science talk

Delivered my talk for the General Assembly.

I was first up on Sunday afternoon. People from Hamilton, Lawrence, Kansas!, Toronto, Victoria, Rigaud, Québec, Thornhill, Ottawa, Fredericton, Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Wow. 

Lauri got us started and briefly introduced me.

Citizen Science - Measuring Double Stars

Talk went OK. Kirsten shared my resource links as we went. We took some questions.

I captured the notes from the Zoom chat.

From David L at 01:24 PM
I have the Celestron 12.5 illuminated reticle eyepiece, same as the Baader. If you have lost your instructions they can be found here

From Jada Y at 01:25 PM
Thank you, this was really cool! 

From Pat Seilis at 01:25 PM
Thanks Blake.   Excellent as always!

From Eric Smialek at 01:25 PM
Really appreciate your enthusiasm!

From Glenn Hawley at 01:28 PM
Exxxxxcellent presentation
Do you have to take into consideration the 'view' through the scope when estimating 'clock' position? (reversed, mirror image, etca)

From Swapna Shrivastava at 01:28 PM
Thank you!

From David Lee to Everyone 01:30 PM
Many thanks!


I'll follow up with David with my revised, enhanced, and universal procedure for a reticule eyepiece.

I answered Glenn's query within the Q&A period. I said, "Record what you see." Use the clock-face. Use "in view" markers, other stars, etc. Then I suggested later, maybe the morning after, you worry about the telescope-eyepiece optical train presentation. Count the reflections to determine whether your going clockwise or counter-clockwise.

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