Wednesday, June 15, 2022

completed proper comparison

OK. I think I have it now. I figured it out myself. Thanks to Blue Stacks...

This chart will show what's included and not included in the free or basic version of Stellarium Mobile.

feature or capability basic full
product name Mobile    Plus
cost * freeCAD $25
realistic sky display yesyes
search by name, category, or favourites yesyes
date, time, and speed controls yesyes
stars, to magnitude 824
control star label density noyes
control star magnitude limit noyes
control star brightness noyes
constellations lines and borders yesyes
other sky cultures and lore yesyes
planets and asteroids yesyes
planet image resolution lowhigh
planet 3D interactive views no yes
control planet label density noyes
artificial satellites yesyes
space station 3D interactive view no yes
control satellite label density noyes
deep sky objects, to magnitude 1018
DSO image resolution lowhigh
control DSO label density noyes
azimuthal grid yesyes
toggle cardinal points yesyes
equatorial grid, current and J2000 noyes
ecliptic line noyes
meridian line noyes
celestial equator noyes
toggle atmosphere yesyes
control light pollution noyes
ground fog noyes
planets and satellites visible for the evening noyes
calendar with solar system events noyes
eyepiece, camera, Telrad oculars noyes
telescope control noyes
start-up time control noyes
full-screen override noyes
interactive visibility elevation graph noyes

This table should help a user when considering the upgrade to the full paid version. Is it worth it? Check which features are not available and ask yourself if you need or want them.

People using the free version may note a green padlock icon. This represents a feature not available but unlocked with cash.

locked features in the main menu

And over here in the object information screen:

more locked features is Stellarium Mobile - basic

On the Android platform, there is an option wherein you can "try" the advanced features for 30 days paying CAD $2.50.


Table updated on 16 June.

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