Tuesday, June 14, 2022

tried to get more info

Thought I'd reach out to the Stellarium Labs crew to learn more about the differences between the basic/free version versus the paid product.

I started off with:

I was reading the stellarium-labs.com web site comparing the free vs paid versions of Stellarium Mobile.  I understand the free version does not have 3D Views, the Observe/ calendar function, the Instruments Oculars, nor the Telescope control.  I thought I read somewhere else that the free version does not show as many stars?  Is that correct?  Are there any other differences?

A short time later, Darlene R replied.

Yes, this is mostly correct.  Visibility features and other advanced settings are also included in the PLUS version.

OK. If I'm mostly correctly, what did I get right and what did I get wrong? What are the "other" settings?

Then she did a bit of a sales pitch!

I responded:

Please let me know exactly which visibility features are included and not included in basic.

She sent me an image showing an object's elevation profile with this note:

You will be able to see the time an object will be visible (its rising and setting time) and also, the path it will be taking in the sky.

OK. But surely there are other differences... And a question from my first missive remained unanswered. I asked again:

What about the stars?

She replied. 

The app views all known stars: Gaia DR2 catalog of over 1.4 Billion stars.  You will be able to browse it at Search (upper right corner) > Browse by type > Stars.

Still didn't answer the question.

Frustrating when people don't carefully read their email.

No further ahead after this exchange with I presume a paid employee.

I terminated the conversation. Said I'll look elsewhere.

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