Monday, June 13, 2022

it really is free

While preparing for the Stellarium Mobile course delivery, I had a quick look at the software web site, (N.B. that's not, and then popped into the respective online stores to check the versions and prices. I had noted a different number for the iOS product.

Latest version for Android: 1.8.8.

Latest version for iOS: 1.9.1.

Then I read the version history for the iOS product...

For version 1.9.0 they say

In this new version, we made Stellarium mobile free with an in-app purchase to unlock the full version, so that you can try a limited version for free before deciding to buy it or not...

Well. How about that.

Stellarium Mobile is now available for free on iOS.


This is interesting repercussions.

Now when people say "Stellarium is completely free on all devices!" I don't have to jump up and correct them.

The free products are "basic" or scaled down. The free versions do not offer 3D Views (on the ISS and planets for example), the Observe planning and calendar feature, the Instruments and Oculars, nor the Telescope Control. I thought I read somewhere that a smaller number of stars is shown.

But the big thing I'm wondering is how it will affect my training course... Hmmm.

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