Wednesday, June 15, 2022

DDO recognised by GC

I learned today that the Government of Canada recognised the national significance of the David Dunlap Observatory.

RASC Toronto DDO Outreach chair Denise Chilton was on hand. 

They unveiled a commemorative plaque with English and French. It reads:

This observatory helped established academic astronomy in Canada.  C.A. Chant, a founder of the discipline in Canada, championed its construction for the University of Toronto.  Since its opening in 1935, scientists and the public have studied the night sky from this once-isolated campus, where Thomas Bolton confirmed the existence of black holes in 1972 and Helen Sawyer Hogg catalogued star clusters.  The site consists of several structures, including a Beaux-Arts-style Administration Building and the Great Telescope Dome, which combined Modern and Neo-Classical elements, and houses what was once the second-largest telescope in the world.

See the news release for more information.

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