Friday, February 11, 2022

the first SkyNews of 2022

Missed something... I did not note the January-February issue of SkyNews. Bought a copy back on 14 December 2021.
cover of the Jan-Feb SkyNews

The main cover story: 10 Top Sky Events of 2022. Yes, indeed, time to start planning (optimistically) for the new year.

I enjoyed the article on STEVE, the peculiar new auroral event.

I love the cover photograph.

I was published in this issue. In fact, I too made the front cover. My piece is entitled "World in 3D" where I introduce people to the steps in 3D printing with a focus on astronomy-related objects.

As I re-read the article, I laughed out loud! I had forgotten how I ended the flowchart. :-D

On behalf of the national Observing Committee, I also contributed a piece on RASC observing certificate programs.


I submitted the first draft of my additive printing article on 16 Aug and my editor acknowledged it a couple days later. On 24 Aug '21, we talked about photos. She suggested a flowchart. Right! Great idea. I made one in Visio (that was a bit meta) which she really liked.

On 14 Sep I heard a bit of bad news. The printer's paper prices went up so the editor had to do some trimming of the Nov/Dec issue. She apologised but that meant holding my article to the next. No big whoop.


If I remember correctly, I purchased the issue at my local drug store on the 14th of December. I pinged the editor about the shipping of subscriber issues on the 15th. But then a week later it showed up, the one included in the RASC membership. One of them I earmarked for proud Mom.


Allendria shared a little story on 15 Dec.

I can't tell you how much I've talked up your 3D printing story.  I even helped someone else with their 3D printing last week, noting some details from your story (and showing them a copy before they went to the local library to print their object).

Then added later:

When the person I was helping said he wasn't sure whether the size of his object was correct, I actually pulled out that flowchart and said, "You could make a paper or a cardboard prototype, you know."  He didn't, but I did my part in spreading the knowledge.

That made me happy.

I think sis bought at copy or two in St T. Between us, we made sure Mom had a copy. 

[ed. Confirmed. Sis texted me on 22 Dec at 6:05 PM. And included a photo. "I found this a Smithbooks and thought I’d thumb through it to see if you had anything in the issue… You did! I bought 2 copies and gave one to Mom."] 

pix of mag from my sis

There is a Santa Claus, after all. And I gave one to Rhonda.


Spotted the updates on the web site. Hee hee, my 3D model of the 74-inch telescope at the David Dunlap Observatory!

snapshot from SkyNews web site

That telescope model was made possible by the efforts of Ward LeGrow and Steve McKinney. 


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