Thursday, February 03, 2022

received tube

Received the 3D print job from Steve.

Alister's replacement focuser tube. 

The monolithic design Steve and I settled on after having trouble with the threading on the insid3e of the tube itself.

I noted the tiny holes for the two thumbscrews, made by Steve.


I had reached out to Steve in late October to ask if he was interested in printing the replacement part for me (us, Alister). He told me to send it over.

Serendipitously, Steve has the same little Celestron 'scope. That proved handy for testing.

By early December, we had the first generation printed, and it worked well. No slop in the outer tube diameter. But it needed the collar. We discussed the steps required to get the thumbscrews installed and then decided to back track. I sent over a version with the collar integrated.

Steve used OnShape and got it working. He tapped holes for the screws. All done on 14 December.

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