Thursday, February 10, 2022

received Mar/Apr '22 SN

Received my official copy of SkyNews magazine as per my subscription and RASC membership. The March/April 2022 issue.
SkyNews cover for Mar/Apr '22

Cool aurora photos and article. Advice for the travelling astrophotography by Trevor Jones. 

There's an article on Canada's dark sky parks... Hmmm.

Page 32 features four of my photos. Chris Vaughan continues his Beyond Messier series and he wanted to show views similar to eyepiece views of some of the Finest NGCs. I provided my SMU BGO luminance frames for NGC 2903, 3521, and 3344. I also captured and processed NGC 3486 for him (with Dave Lane's assistance).

(Read the backstory if you're interested.)

Is this issue thicker?

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