Sunday, February 27, 2022

reported a key problem

I reported on the forum. The Enter key wasn't working in SkyTools 4.

It was a small bug but irksome.

In SkyTools 3, I used to regularly hit the Enter key in a list to toggle the check mark on and off. Very handy for selecting multiple objects.

Now, in SkyTools 4, I had to use the mouse. Not fast or convenient.


theskyhound replied:

I had to change the key in order to be consistent with Real Time Tool's use of the Enter key to automatically advance to the next object.  I needed a key for that purpose that was big and easy to find in the dark.  I changed [the planner selection key] to "s".  It looks like I forgot to document the new key [in] the planner keyboard shortcuts help page...


I'm OK with another key. Doesn't really matter what. But I want a key...


Then it occurred to me I need to update my SkyTools shortcuts documentation...

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