Saturday, February 26, 2022

on deck, two Montreal talks!

After discussions with Carl J, Karim J, and Russell F, I'm on deck for two talks for the RASC Montreal Centre. Yep. Two!

First up, on Tuesday 15 March, during their GSP (Global Star Parties) evening, I'll be representing the RASC national observing committee (once again) and talking briefly about the different certificate programs. Time permitting, I'll talk about how to observe and log and apply. That'll fit nicely with the centre-specific observing programs and those by the Astronomical League.

Then, about a month later, on Wednesday 13 April, during their next Citizen Science event, for episode 5 in the series, I'll be discussing doing double stars research. I'll briefly talk about the various methods for measurement, preparing and submitting a paper, and contributing data to the Washington Double Stars catalogue. This should complement Dominique's recent talk on how she measures doubles for fun.


Starting building a slide deck for the latter...

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