Saturday, February 26, 2022

received cable cover

A little follow-up regarding the newest piece of equipment (the ever-expanding equipment list!)...

It's been on the shopping list for a while but I finally obtained a cord minder.

I've thought of this kind of thing often when observing in the backyard in the tent where I often am working from the table and driving the mount from the computer over in the open-air section of the tent, with cables running along the floor (ground) between. Black cords. In a darkened tent. At night.

To avoid trip hazards and—more importantly—cable snags and disconnects, I considered that a cord-way or cover would be good to have.

cord cover with yellow stripes

I ordered online and procured a 3-channel cable protector or floor cable cover by AGPtek. It's 6.65 feet long (2 metres), black with 2 yellow safety visibility strips. It is made of flexible PVC and rated for indoor or outdoor use. It's 83mm wide and stands 17mm tall. I hadn't considered it but I'm happy to learn it is made from non-toxic materials. 

"Does not conduct electricity." Good to know.

I'll make some in-situ decisions next time the tent is out back. I might need to cut it in half length-wise. And it seems I'll have to slice the bottom to open up the channels.


Added to the packing list!

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