Friday, September 17, 2021

tried rho Ori in a small 'scope (Bradford)

Back inside after the brief back yard observing session.

The plan was to spot the B companion to ρ (rho) Orionis, while I had a clear patch. I was concerned the double, in the new observing certificate program, might be too difficult for an observer with a small instrument. 

But I saw it.

It was challenging to be sure in the Meade ETX 90mm.

But it was definitely there.

With the Tele Vue 9mm Nagler Type 6, it was well beyond first diffraction ring. It was even visible in the old Celestron Plössl 26mm eyepiece. Detectable. The best view was with the Pentax wide view 20mm ocular.


I spotted C too.

B was to the EEN or EEEN, opposite HD 287611, very tight, much dimmer.

I viewed this double a bit before the meridian. Star hopped from Bellatrix. 

Pleiades up high.

Winter is coming.

Tempting to continue but... I was too tired.

I thought rather good seeing, average trans. But damp. Very humid. The grass was wet.

Pulled the Clear Sky Chart. Cloud cover: clear; transparency: above average; seeing: excellent; Moon: -22°.

Clear Sky Chart for Friday morning

Pulled the weather data from EC. Current Conditions. 11°C. Observed at: Egbert. Date: 5:00 AM EDT Friday 17 September 2021. Condition: Not observed. Pressure: 102.2 kPa and falling. Temperature: 11.3°C. Dew point: 10.8°C. Humidity: 97%. Wind: ESE 4 km/h.

So, a good experiment. 

No modifications needed...

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