Saturday, September 18, 2021

made a new calculator

Made a new, updated, hopefully easy-to-use online spreadsheet for Melody to use. It's basically fill-in-the-blanks and it should yield a good separation value for a double star.

It's pretty snazzy.

Onboard instructions and notes.

Constants sheet for the Earth's rotation rate and the sidereal time factor.

Supports variable Linear Scale divisions, say 50 or 60!

Prompts for a dozen drift times, taking the average.

Prompts for the star's declination, so to compute the speed of the sky.

With that, the Scale Constant can be determined (per my proper formula).

Supports four scale constants with and without magnifiers and reducers.

Finally, prompts for double star pairs and their separation in tick marks on the Linear Scale.

Computes the true separation or ρ, rho for a dozen pairs.

Hope they like it...

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