Thursday, September 09, 2021

have you tried turning it off and on again?

Chris SMSed me. He was at the Carr Astronomical Observatory preparing for the University of Toronto Dunlap Institute "planet party." He started asking some questions about the network and related equipment so I put my tech support hat on.

He was not seeing the SSID for the network in the Geoff Brown Observatory. He asked if it needed a reboot. Nope. That unit died a while ago so no wifi inside the GBO. Hard line recommended.

He asked about the house wireless access points. They were only seeing the library and the furnace. What? I was surprised by that. The living room unit and the garage units (times 2) should be working. I asked for more information to get context. Like where he was located on the grounds.

In the kitchen. Then he shared that the house SSID was visible but not responding to the login. Authentication error or not connecting at all. Odd. I suggested he reboot the AirCube. 

He asked if the WAP was in the super's closet. Nope. Closer than you think.

A short time later, Chris relayed things were working. Good.

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