Tuesday, September 07, 2021

asked for spectral information

Jumped into the SkyTools forum. Asked for help.

Explained I wanted to corroborate double star member colours.

Asked if I could list from the software stars with their spectral classification (when known, of course).

Author Greg said:

Spectral classification is a lost art, and it has little scientific use today.  As a result, with a few special case exceptions such as WR stars, only the very brightest stars have spectral classifications.  Because (B-V) colors represent the same color information and are available for much fainter stars, I chose to focus on the (B-V) color index.  The spectral class is shown on the Object Info, by the way, but just isn't available for many stars.  And fainter components of even the brighter doubles will often be missing the spectral class.

He suggested use the B-V data instead. It is more widely useful. 

I assumed the B-V value shown in a list was for the primary star. He essentially confirmed that.

But he did remind us that if we select a component star in the bottom right part of the dialog, the B-V for the selected star will show in the Photometry section.

That was good. 

But I moped that I could not pull the B-V data for the secondary and additional stars into a column in the app.

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